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Repost: Honestly.. I didn't think I would have as much fun with this game as I did. The screenshots got me curious so I decided to give it a go and I was in for a nice surprise!
I liked the whole cosplaying going around at school. lol I found it disappointing however that I couldn't buy a cool costume too! It would have been nice if we had a few choices of outfit for our character. 
The puzzles in the inner pendulum were really challenging! They were clever and observant in the way that you really just had to look around to figure out what you needed to do. In the first one I was trying to rush through it to get to the story again and I was having a hard time figuring out what to do (I was like 10 minutes trying to figure out wth I was supposed to do with the boulders hahaha) but then I told myself to explore the map more carefully and damn.. the answer was right in front of my eyes.. lol 
I really liked the battle system, it was really unique and it was cool how you had to find a way to keep your composure while triggering the right answers in the convos. However, after I was able to complete a whole conversation with EZ Talk skill, I was sad to find out that if you were to use that skill again the conversation would go exactly the same. T^T It would have been more interesting if it changed if you got all the right answers already. 
The facesets you used... hmm.. I saw some people saying they look out of place and I kind of agree, but honestly I don't see any others that would look better.. haha The only one that really bugged me was the last guy (Hale? I think) now that one looked a bit weird.. xD
Overall: I had a fun time playing the game. The story was interesting, the mc was funny and the gameplay with the battles and the puzzles was a nice challenge. Good job! Keep it up! :)

Thanks for post it to here.
I'd make your comment as guide to update John de TNT. ^^

No problem! I hope you'll be able to make the better even more awesome! ^^


So, I was playing through this and ended up crashing the game. There was a man in the cafeteria that wanted me to give something to Hale? Afterward, the screen went black and the game crashed.  I played through once more and had the same issue. I will say that I did enjoy a few features from what I was able to see. Turning on the lights in the room was a really neat touch, and I also liked the breaking bottles. For cons, having 500g just sitting in a box in the classroom seemed a bit strange, and the writing can be a bit difficult to follow at times. From what I could see though, it has potential. Wouldn't mind looking at it again if you could fix the crash issue?  Good job so far!

OMG, that guy strikes again! Even though I debug that guy before release the game, he did again. I'm sorry for that. Yeah, this version still need improvement especially for environment. Maybe on the next update I will fix the crash issue and add new feature on the battle system, and I hope you still can try the next version. Thanks for playing!